You Choose the Car,We Provide the Finance


What is Car Finance?

Car finance includes various different types of contracts which allow you to make monthly payments for a vehicle. (Not necessarily just cars – we can help with vans, and more). It’s secured on the vehicle, which means that the lender owns the vehicle and then you make payments to the lender. You don’t own the vehicle until all the payments due under the agreement have been paid in full

How Our Finance Works

Applying online is easy. You will receive a fast decision and a personal service.We can approve your next car finance in 3 hours on Hire Purchase.  The acceleration of your application is greatly helped by completing the application form in full and while not essential, providing three months bank statements shows income/turnover and ability to pay.Hire Purchase allows you to borrow money over a fixed period with fixed repayments and charges. The car becomes your property when you have paid the final instalment due under the agreement.

This is a Hire Purchase Agreement as defined by the Consumer Credit Act 1995. Lending terms and conditions apply.