Year of Car – Max. Loan Terms Available

2016 2 year
2017 3 years
2018 4 years
2019+ 5 years

Note: If the amount you wish to borrow is different from the above, please click here:

Car Finance Calculator


Amount (Eur) 36mths 48mths 60mths
5,000 159 125 104
6,000 191 150 125
7,000 223 175 146
8,000 255 200 167
9,000 287 225 188
10,000 319 250 209
11,000 351 274 227
12,000 383 299 249
13,000 415 324 269
14,000 446 347 288
15,000 477 372 309
16,000 509 397 329
17,000 539 420 349
18,000 571 445 370
19,000 602 469 390
20,000 634 494 411


Guidance Notes

This chart is a guide to show you the repayments attaching to various loan amounts over three, four and five years. It should help you decide how much you can borrow, the year of the car you can buy and how long you can finance the car over. Our car finance approvals are more about your ability to repay rather than how much of a deposit or trade-in you have. For example, you may be looking at a 2017 car and want to borrow €12,000. Your three-year repayment here would be €383 a month as we cannot do it over four or five years. However, for €370 a month over five years you can now look at say a 2019 car or newer with a finance amount of €18,000.

Cost of Credit

The above repayments are illustrative only and outlined as such to help you make a choice. When agreed in your finance plan your repayment will be a fixed  cost monthly repayment. All costs associated with your agreement will be outlined in advance and also clearly displayed on the HP Agreement. is a broker and not a lender, we work with a panel of lenders with rates starting from 7%. The above quote is a guide only, as no two finance applications are the same. The rate you are offered will depend on the information you provide to us as well as the year of the car, the amount you wish to borrow and the finance term. For a specific quote, please complete our online application form and we will be in touch soon.

The above quotes are for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute a contract. Subject to specific lender credit criteria.

An initial documentation fee, currently a max of €75 is payable and a final termination payment ranging from €12 to €50 on conclusion.


If your car dealer does not give you a quote, then please apply direct. Our low-cost credit could save you hundreds of euro. For example, a saving of €20 a month over 5 years is a €1,200 saving.


Your credit record will be adversely affected if you do not keep up your regular payments due on any car finance plan.