We supply all car dealers, big and small, with a great service. Rapid decision making; with very efficient sign-up and payment to you.

Whether you are a regular dealer using our facilities or just in a one-off case, you will get the same attention to help you close out the sale.

We are available online 7 days a week and will contact your client directly for you, to help with swift approval. Very often an after-work call is required by your client and we will provide this service.

Used cars can be expensive – finance need not be! Use us for our Low Cost Finance for your customer. If you want your customer to benefit from Low Cost Car Finance, talk to any of our team.

We have merchandising and advertising support to help you sell more and be a step ahead of your competitor with lower repayments.

In 2021, here is what we can finance:

2016 2 years
2017 3 years
2018 4 years
2019+ 5 years

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